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Logo Quiz is one way to test your skill in recognizing logos. You will have hours of play time in this game because it has lots of levels but you’d only be able to unlock a level once the preceding level is completed. If you are stuck in the 5th level, here are the answers to level 5 logo quiz.

Note that in this level, most of the brands are still recognizable so you probably aren’t going to have a tough time. This answer key might still help though.

The most common logos that can be found here in the answer to logo quiz level 5 are: DC shoes or it can be DC shoe Co USA; Nickelodeon; Chase or JP Morgan Chase Bank or Morgan Chase; ATI technologies or just plain ATI; Unilever; General Motors; Jaguar; ESPN; Castrol; BIC; Mitsubishi; Hyundai; Qantas, Diesel; Cartier; Xbox; JVC; Heinz or Heinz Ketchup; Garnier; Siemens; Ralph Lauren; Lamborghini; Pixar, Blackberry; Camel; Lacoste; Playboy; AMEX or American Express; and Gucci.

Other logos and descriptions for less common ones:

• RW initials inside a white rectangle stand for Rowenta.
• John Smith is represented by a logo colored black, red and white.
• The logo with a water droplet plus a pretzel-like design on the side with 3 small rays (last one being red and the other two are greyish black) stand for Logitech.
• Delta Airlines is represented by a red pyramid that is somehow separated near the base.
• Fiba has a logo with colourful hands forming a ball. The colors of the hands are orange, red, blue and green.
• Grey capital letter C and a yellow arrow stand for Smart Company.
• A warrior and a horse with a spear is the logo representing Burberry in the logo quiz answers for level 5.
• A Blue and white flag with numerous stars is the logo used by the NFL.
• Red and white circle plus a letter g stand for Rotring.
• O and N initials found inside a blue oblong is the logo of Old Navy.
• Three boxes all in black color and same sizes is for BBC.
• A yellow underline and PUS at the end is for Olympus.
• A blue eagle is for Barclays in the answers to level 5 logo quiz.
• Mizuno is represented by an all-black arrow going left with two stands.
• A lion’s head breathing fire and with a crown on its head inside the blue and white circle stand for SAAB.
• Another lion logo found in the answers to level 5 logo quiz is for ing direct or ing group. The lion is orange in colour.
• Bank of America is represented by 3 pairs of parallel lines (2 reds and 1 blue).
• Platinum and blue plate logo is for Lancia.
• Sephora logo is just a simple grey box and at the center is the thin letter S.
• 2 white bars and 2 white curved lines forming the horizon in front of a red background is definitely the logo used by Bradesco.
• Red and gold capital letter H stands for History Channel.
• The black letters YSL overlapping with each other in stylish fashion is the signature logo of Yves Saint Laurent.
• A simple elongated plane in black color is the logo used by Diadora.
• A plain letter W with a small red triangle at the center represents Kenwood.
• A blue oblong with a red circle at the right corner inside the big circle is for Esso.
• 2 red hands grasping a white and silver ball or pearl are Tomtom.
• LNOE is the logo for Lancome.
• A statue or breast of a man in side-view (silhouette) is the logo of Schwarzkopf.
• A rooster with a triangle at the background is the logo used by Le Coq Sportif.
• A silver pentagon with a structure inside following the shape of the border is Volcom.
• Sprite is represented by just a letter i with a yellow dot.
• A grey whirlpool is Samsonite.
• Letter N with a brown background stand for Nespresso.
• AC is for Acer
• A single N is for Sanyo.
• The word Café inside the yellow orange and brown circle is for Rock Hard Café.
• Other logo quiz answers include: Staples, Forum, Basics, Columbia, American Airlines, Schweppes, Easy Jet, Lexus, Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse and Duracell.